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Stake Pool

Is a family driven operation that inspires and strives growth. 

Our Goals

  • NEW beginnings

  • To GROW in numbers as a Cardano Collective

  • Achieve success & prosperity with the Cardano COMMUNITY

  • ONGOING efforts of creativity & resources

  • SUPPORT health research

Pair of Acorns

The Cardano Ecosystem is a gateway to new ways of life. Our purpose is to engage with our community and build relationships. ADAB is all about giving back. We want to support health research and bring awareness through our social channels. For we are social creatures! 

What are the BENEFITS of delegating with ADAB?

As a small family stake pool operator, we have relationship building benefits...

  • Portion of profits will be donated to health research

  • Shares Cardano's community vision of clean energy pool (Climate Change Efforts - 100%) 

  • Creativity & Innovation - NFT digital  portfolio