We are a Canadian stake pool operator 


A Family Network  


Blockchain technology has striken my partner's interest over this past year. He has been passionately researching Cardano. From learning about the technology and more importantly in how we can make a difference globally. This has made him feel more aware and confident in contributing and now operating his own Cardano stake pool. So, where do I come in? I am the communications lead in sharing and extending Cardano Community. A genuine family project!  

What We Are About



I would say family life is our #1 accomplishment. Now, we start new beginnings together as ADA Bunny Cardano Pool operators!


Bunny Meadows, NFT project portfolio is underway! I am super excited to tackle this challenge within our ADA Bunny Cardano stake pool. 


We are all about community engagement! ADAB is all about giving back to the community.  For this reason, a portion of proceeds will be donated to health research. Our ADAB focus is to reproduce!  By following these key principles of community engagement: transparency , respect and continuity. We aim to listen and help others understand what it means to be part of a Cardano stake pool ecosystem. 

Meet the ADAB TEAM